Is DMaaS the future? Why data centre management is the next as-a-Service offering. By Jeff Klaus, GM of Intel Data Center Management Solutions. As our society becomes more interconnected, access to data has quickly been recognized as a key competitive advantage in every industry forcing organizations to churn out more data with every day. In order to deal with this massive data influx, new infrastructure solutions are becoming more important as data management becomes more complex. In fact, Gartner predicts 90 percent of organizations will adopt hybrid infrastructure management capabilities by 2020. This begs the question: how will data management solutions mature? The answer: Data center management as a service – or DMaaS for short. DMaaS is an easy-to-use, low-cost cloud-based solution that gives IT professionals the ability to monitor their data center infrastructure incrementally, receive real-time insights, and prevent potential failures. Interested in the industry’s perspective on this new solution, our team recently surveyed over 200 IT directors, managers and system administrators. Their responses highlight the lack of knowledge about DMaaS solutions, its potential benefits and how it can strengthen a business’ data management strategy. Below are a few of the key findings every IT professional should keep in mind when evaluating their current action plan. Addressing Cost Savings When asked to identify the most important feature in a data management solution, nearly half of respondents (45%) cited cost savings as a critical factor. Whether this applies to an on- premise, cloud, or hybrid solution, this same sentiment was reflected by one-third of respondents who noted cost as the factor that attracted them to their current SaaS solution. Since DMaaS taps into an organization’s current equipment and device data from each of their data centers and then anonymizes, pools and analyzes it at scale, companies are able to easily boost their strategy with a low-cost alternative that only requires the creation of an account with the option of paid additional services. 1/3 In addition to cost savings, other important features that were deemed vital for IT professionals when deciding on a data management platform technology included security (70%) and performance (61%). While keeping on-premise data management capabilities might be a smart security decision for some companies, utilizing a DMaaS solution for day-to-day operations provides these organizations with a secure and encrypted option that integrates traditional data management with other IT workloads. The latter will also increase data center performance as DMaaS integrates several services like network connectivity, business systems, and customer relationship management amongst others. Gaining 360 Degree Visibility Most organizations are currently deploying some mix of a data management platforms including on-premise tools (83%) or a cloud solution (86%) to gain a holistic view of its data center performance. However, over half of the respondents (59%) signaled they still struggle with varied technologies that are hindering their current strategy. DMaaS offers a comprehensive solution that provides the necessary analytics to meet the needs of today’s fast-paced IT environment, allows flexibility to tolerate any customization and supports varied processes enabling faster rollout of new features. Additionally, a majority of medium to large organizations already implement three to five