Intel Opens Factory Expansion in Oregon, Renames Site for Gordon Moore

Company expands D1X development factory and celebrates heritage of innovation by renaming Ronler Acres campus in honor of Intel co-founder Gordon Moore.



Intel’s leaders on April 11, 2022, celebrated the grand opening of the latest expansion of D1X, its leading-edge factory in Hillsboro, Oregon, and announced a new name for the nearly 500-acre campus: Gordon Moore Park at Ronler Acres.

Gordon Moore Park is the headquarters of Intel’s global Technology Development organization, a team of about 10,000 employees responsible for advancing Moore’s Law by creating new transistor architectures, wafer processes and packaging technologies. The new name recognizes the site’s contributions to driving Moore’s Law, Intel co-founder Gordon Moore’s 1965 prediction that has guided innovation in the semiconductor industry for more than 50 years.



Gordon Moore

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