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Intel Vision 2022 Day 2 Keynote (Replay)

Intel Chief Technology Officer Greg Lavender presents “Securing Our Digital World” as part of the Intel Vision event.

Digitalization and innovation have scaled businesses, allowing them to be connected in more ways than ever. The insatiable demand for compute and pervasiveness of data from cloud-to-edge-to-client has increased attack surfaces, allowing threat models to keep pace with innovation.

During Day 2 of Intel Vision 2022, Intel Chief Technology Officer Greg Lavender shares his insights on the need for a trusted foundation as he discusses technologies available today and in the future to protect businesses.

In the latter part of his keynote, Greg is joined by industry luminaries from Dell, IBM and Microsoft for a panel discussion bringing perspectives on securing a digital future fueled by innovations in confidential computing, quantum and yet-unimagined technologies.

Panelists include Jamie Thomas, IBM GM, OSSF chair; John Roese, Dell CTO; Mark Russinovich, Microsoft Azure CTO.

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Day 2 Keynote Replay

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