Intel Innovation 2023 Day 1 Broadcast (Replay)

Watch Day 1 coverage of Intel Innovation from San Jose, California – including a keynote led by Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger.


  • September 19, 2023

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Day 1 of Intel Innovation 2023 was Tuesday, Sept. 19. The two-day event in San Jose, California, includes keynotes, presentations and live coverage to build a framework for those attending remotely. Day 1 coverage includes:

Keynote: Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger greeted developers at the Day 1 keynote with an introduction to the “Siliconomy,” a new era of economic expansion enabled by sustainable, open and secure computing power. He also unveiled technologies to bring artificial intelligence everywhere and make it more accessible across all workloads.

More: Intel Innovation 2023 Keynote Presentation Slides (PDF) | Intel Innovation Day 1 Keynote Highlights (YouTube)

Before the Keynote: Innovation Live! set the context for Day 1 presentations. Commentary and interviews with Intel leaders started the two-day event rolling.


  • Introduction to Intel Innovation: 00:00
  • AI Challenges and Solutions with Ria Cheruvu: 2:55
  • Intel Technology Driving Generative AI Solutions: 6:07
  • Behind This Door: Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography: 10:14
  • Introduction to Intel Ignite: 11:39
  • Intel Xeon Update with Intel's Sandra Rivera: 19:51
  • Demo: Specialized AI Models Running on Intel Xeon: 24:20

After the Keynote: Innovation Live! returned to take a deeper dive into the keynote’s announcements and disclosures. Hosts also previewed what will be delivered during Day 2’s broadcast, which starts at 9 a.m. PDT Wednesday, Sept. 20.


  • Highlights from the Intel Innovation Day 1 Keynote: 00:00
  • Enhance Your Products with Large Language Models: 2:35
  • Intel Gaudi2's role in Generative AI: 5:04
  • The Full Spectrum of Intel's Client Computing Offerings: 8:06
  • Client Computing Update with Intel's Michelle Johnston Holthaus: 9:22
  • Powering Open Source with Gen AI on Intel Core Ultra: 14:16
  • Richard Felton-Thomas from on AI Scout: 16:23
  • Intel's Lama Nachman on AI and Assistive Computing: 21:04
  • AI Security and Trust from Intel Labs: 22:34
  • Intel Startup Innovator Award : 27:26
  • Intel's Greg Lavender on the upcoming Intel Innovation Day 2 Keynote: 29:22

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