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Deploying Tomorrow, Today

Delivering on the transformative promise of IoT, Intel and its ecosystem of partners offer Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions1 and Intel® IoT RFP Ready Kits that provide solid business results today and lay the foundation for a more intelligent tomorrow.


  • "We are glad to be part of the MRS program. It has brought us very good exposure in various markets so far, especially with the recently published article on Insight.Tech about our solution." - Silkron.

  • "The Market Ready stamp of approval helps us build our credibility even within our own walls. With the broad span of our company, we have to build internal investment and trust for other business units to use our solutions, and the Intel MRS qualification helps us do that!" - Global Systems Integrator from Europe.

  • “Being able to leverage the Intel brand to scale and reach different industry verticals, ecosystem partners, verticals has been invaluable. We wouldn't have been able to do on our own at such great pace and such great scale.” - LG-MRI.




If you deliver repeatable and scalable IoT offerings using Intel technology, the Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions or Intel® IoT RFP Ready Kit programs can empower you with benefits such as:

  • Driving greater visibility through Intel’s joint marketing programs.
  • Serving as a trusted IoT advisor with selling resources and expertise.
  • Enabling global and channel expansion through Intel’s vast partner ecosystem.

Program Criteria2

Does your IoT offer meet the partner program criteria?

The Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions and Intel® IoT RFP Ready Kit programs accelerate adoption of IoT by vetting offers for completeness, repeatability, and scalability. Five key attributes that drive our core value proposition.

1. Intel Inside
Offers must leverage one or more Intel® technologies, with at least one Intel® CPU, and meet a minimum revenue forecast within the first 12 months of acceptance into the program.

Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions must deliver an annual minimum of US $100K of Intel® revenue, whereas Intel® IoT RFP Ready Kits must deliver an annual minimum of US $30K of Intel® revenue.

2. End-to-End
Ingesting data from the edge environment and delivering to the cloud or data center, with pre-integrated hardware and software. Edge inference operations must run on Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit and/or other Intel® software or tools.

3. Drive Analytics
Collects and analyzes data from the edge, connects to the cloud or data center, and drives business transformation for end users in targeted verticals segments.

4. Single Source
Customers can procure all components of the offering from a single source.

5. Repeatable and Scalable
Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions must have at least three successful commercial deployments at two unique end customers.

Intel® IoT RFP Ready Kits must have at least one commercial deployment at one customer.

The above criteria are minimum requirements to qualify for participation in the program. Intel retains full and sole discretion to admit partners to the Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions and Intel® IoT RFP Ready Kit programs.

Joining the Program

What you need to know to be successful

If you have an offer that meets all five of the key attributes, and you would like to apply to become part of the Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions or the Intel® IoT RFP Ready Kit programs, there are a few key elements that are required to ensure success.

When you begin the application process, come prepared with the following information and supporting documentation:

1. Intel Inside
Document the Intel technologies that are included in the offer and be able to forecast quantities for each, that will be sold over a 12-month period.

2. Architecture Diagram
Demonstrate how and what data is ingested at the edge, how and where the data is processed, and how the analyzed data provides value to the end user.

3. Marketing Collateral
Website and marketing collateral containing information about the included hardware and software, as well as the value and benefits to the end user in target vertical segments.

4. Procurement Process
Diagram or description demonstrating how an end user would purchase an offering from a single source.

5. Customer Success Story
Customer testimonial or documentation describing a business challenge and how your offer was successful in driving a positive business outcome for at least 2 customers if applying for the Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions program or 1 customer if applying to the Intel® IoT RFP Ready Kit program.

Approval Process and Acceptance

What to expect and required participation

Approval Process
The Intel team will review all partner submissions, and in some instances potential partners will be invited to review their submission with Intel via teleconference. Final decisions on all submissions will be communicated via email notification.

Upon acceptance, partners are invited to attend an onboarding session where a detailed overview of IoT Select Benefits is discussed.

Sales Reporting Requirements
Understanding the repeatability and scalability of your offer is achieved through quarterly sales tracking. All active Intel® IoT Market Ready Solution or Intel® IoT RFP Ready Kit partners will be required to submit quarterly sales reporting to remain in good standing.