Intel Corporation Annual Report 1989

1989 – Paving the Way to a 32-Bit World

Solid financial performance, important new products, and good progress on a program to assure continued competitiveness made 1989 highly successful.

Revenue set a new record, topping $3 billion for the first time. Net income of $391 million was 14% lower than the record of 1988 but still 12.5% of revenue.

The pace of business quickened as the year progresses, led by growing demand from manufacturers of desktop computers for 386 microprocessors and peripheral chip sets. The 386 DX registered growth in unit volume over the previous year, while sales of the 386 SX chip, and entry level version, took off during this chip’s first full year on the market.

Sales of microcomputer boards and systems based on our microprocessors improved significantly as more original equipment manufacturer customers chose to buy at these higher levels of integration.

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