Intel® Future Skills: Upcycle Product Design

Project Overview: Transform abandoned materials by upcycling them into a new and unique product.

Project Information:

  • Project category: Global

  • Difficulty level: Intermediate

  • Time Range: 60-90 minutes




A world of infinite possibilities. That is the Intel® Future Skills vision. And this is just the beginning of your journey toward innovative thinking and doing.

Welcome to the Upcycle Product project. This project challenge is all about upcycling, or the process of turning hard-to-recycle materials into new products. So what can you design? What market niche will you service? Could you actually sell what you make and turn your upcycling hobby into a business? What can you make out of trash that could change people’s lives?

It all starts with your ideas, your inventiveness, and your innovation. Why not grab that old, discarded item and turn it into something new?

When you are finished, share your design and feedback with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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