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Siemens Microbox Industrial PC

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Siemens Microbox Industrial PC: Solution Brief

Flexible, Small and Rugged: Siemens AG Builds its New Microbox Industrial PC with Intel’s Leading Embedded Platform Technologies
The Siemens SIMATIC IPC427C* industrial PC delivers the performance of the Intel® Core™2 Duo processor in a fanless and disk-free compact design

Flexibility has become the name of the game for designers of industrial automation equipment. Siemens AG is meeting that challenge with the latest in its line of SIMATIC Microbox industrial PCs that deliver industry-leading embedded computing technologies in a small, highly integrated, rugged package.

Several embedded Intel® processors, including the Intel® Core™2 Duo processor, are available with mobile Intel® GM45 Express Chipset in validated platform configurations. Backed by Intel’s 7-year extended lifecycle support, these platforms provide Siemens with the combination of optimum performance per watt, scalability, low power consumption, and broad software compatibility demanded by today’s industrial automation environment. The result is a flexible system designed for comprehensive process control, visualization and communication using PROFIBUS* or PROFINET* (real-time industrial Ethernet) standards.

The leading industrial computing design engineers at Siemens faced the challenge of integrating the latest embedded computing technologies—including the performance per watt of an Intel Core2 Duo processor, DDR3 memory, Serial ATA-2 peripheral interface and solid state drive storage—in a rugged, fanless, compact design flexible enough for use in box and panel PCs.

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