Intel Innovation 2023 Day 2 Broadcast (Replay)

Watch Day 2 coverage of Intel Innovation from San Jose, California – including a keynote led by Intel CTO Greg Lavender.


  • September 20, 2023

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Day 2 of Intel Innovation 2023 was Wednesday, Sept. 20. The two-day event in San Jose, California, includes keynotes, presentations and live coverage to build a framework for those attending remotely. Day 2 coverage includes:

Keynote: Greg Lavender, Intel’s chief technology officer, presented the Day 2 keynote with a focus on how Intel hardware and software work together to accelerate the convergence of artificial intelligence and security.

Before the Keynote: Innovation Live! rounded up Day 1 presentations and set the context for Day 2 with commentary and interviews with Intel leaders.


  • Introduction to Intel Innovation Day 2: 00:00
  • Intel's Arun Gupta on Open Software Solutions: 02:00
  • Intel Technology Driving Startups: 08:16
  • Hillary Littleton from Fit:match: 10:38
  • Tech Minute: Glass Substrates: 13:26
  • David Kanter from MLCommons: 14:42
  • Intel software engineer Kelsey Hightower: 16:39
  • Modern Studio Experience: 20:10
  • Intel Technology Solves Real-Life Challenges Using OpenVINO: 23:35
  • AI Innovation Bridge Hackathon: 24:44

After the Keynote: Innovation Live! returned to wrap up the announcements from Day 2’s keynote. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger later wrapped up both days’ events and presentations.


  • Highlights from the Intel Innovation Day 2 Keynote: 00:00
  • Intel's Raghu Yeluri on Intel Trust Authority: 2:00
  • Intel Developer Cloud: 7:27
  • Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger wraps up Intel Innovation: 9:40

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