Dynamic Solution Helps Eliminate Overstocks


Retailers can increase profits by as much as four percent when the loss on perishables is reduced by 25 percent. In grocery stores, for example, perishables are 50 to 65 percent of total sales, yet an average of six percent of perishable sales are lost due to a combination of price discounts to meet the sell-by date, waste due to unsold, expired product, and cost to dispose of waste.


This Toshiba solution applies real-time monitoring of item-level sell-through rates for individual perishable items in order to calculate how much inventory is needed for a given store each day and make dynamic price adjustments that eliminate overstocks and rebalance supply to demand. For businesses that carry perishable items, price cuts, promotions, and other selling techniques can prevent a potential three percent loss to the bottom line.


  • Reduce losses on perishables by taking proactive measures 
  • Minimize out-of-stocks responsible for lost sales
  • Optimize in-store promotions by cross-selling full-priced products


Shopkeeper at a store counter with a POS tablet

Real-Time Digital Merchandising: In-depth

Turn perishable losses into profit while raising brand awareness

Toshiba’s real-time digital merchandising solution analyzes grocery store data to identify buying patterns and gauge product performance, optimizing return-on-inventory investments, reducing inventory distortion and perishable losses.

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Technology What It Is
Toshiba dynamic store merchandising (DSM) solution Same-store analytics to identify perishable loss exposure and countermeasures to drive higher profits
Toshiba SurePOS* 700 Series POS terminal powered by an Intel® processor
Intel® Audience Impression Metrics Suite (Intel® AIM Suite) Powerful anonymous viewer analytics (AVA) data collection and audience measurement tools

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