Intelligent POS Enables New Customer Service Opportunities


Customers walking into large stores often need navigation help to locate departments and products. Interactive digital wayfinders and self-service stations address this need, opening the door to opportunities to provide other valuable information and connect with customers.


Featuring an elegant pedestal design, the polytouch* 32000 POS from Pyramid is the basis for a full-featured self-service station with intelligent LED user guidance and extension modules: barcode scanner, point-of-sale (POS) thermal printer, and magnetic card reader. Equipped with the Intel® Core™ i7-3770S processor, the system can run advanced applications, graphics, analytics, and more.


  • Convey high quality, style, and luxury with this attractive all-in-one design
  • Present information on the store’s entire product portfolio in a small space
  • Combine traditional in-store experiences with e-commerce services

POS Solutions: In-depth

Upgrade to intelligent, connected POS solutions

More and more businesses are recognizing that the checkout is a critical “touchpoint,” a location where the opportunity exists not simply to complete a transaction, but also to enhance the customer relationship and streamline the business.

That’s why more and more businesses are upgrading to intelligent, connected, versatile POS solutions that provide a full range of sales and payment processing capabilities—and much more. Increasingly, these POS systems are being implemented on tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices, making it possible to access information and process transactions anywhere.

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