Loud and Clear: Digital Signage Gets the Word out

DSE 2018: Welcome to the Future of Visual Experiences

Intel is enabling data-driven insights across various industries to deliver dynamic content and interactive experiences that engage consumers and fuel business growth.  

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The Future on Display

Our partners are using Intel-powered technology to deliver innovative visual experiences. Find out where you can see all Intel partners at DSE.

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Smart, Connected, and Remotely Managed Devices Through Intel® vPro™ Technology

Industries are achieving the kind of engagement that shoppers crave by putting the right screens in the right places and showing the right messages. Today digital signs are used to showcase hot new inventory, promote closeouts, measure message effectiveness, and so much more.

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Smart, Connected, and Remotely Managed Devices Through Intel® vPro™ Technology

It’s never been more important for retailers to deliver exceptional customer experiences, while also improving the cost-effectiveness of operations. See how Intel® vPro™ technology is simultaneously reducing the complexity of device management and helping to build customer loyalty across physical, digital, and mobile channels. 

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Analytics and Engagement – Driving Increased Sales and Enhancing Customers’ Experience

Vsblty and Intel discuss analytics and interaction in the store and how both can be used to help drive sales, stay competitive, and enable a more personalized customer experience.

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Enhancing Customers’ Experience in the Sports Arena

ANC Sports and Intel discuss Enhancing Customers’ Experience in the Sports Arena and Stadium. Join us for a brief webinar on how new technology advancements are creating a more enriching, interactive consumer experience.

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Seamless, End-to-End Digital Signage Solutions

Intel provides retailers and organizations the building blocks to make their digital signage truly unique with maximum impact and efficiency.

Better Service. Lower Costs.

Littlebit Technology is using Intel® vPro™ technology and Intel® Active Management Technology to remotely provide seamless support for digital signage in a challenging environment.

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Empower Innovation with 7th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors

The latest fast, efficient Intel® technology supports demanding workloads for 1:1 engagement, including 4K interactive displays and gesture recognition, while delivering real-time content management and valuable audience analytics.

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A Digital Fitting Room Connects Customers

The MemoryMirror* from MemoMi is an omni-channel platform that is helping Neiman Marcus increase customer loyalty and sales.

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Dynamic Menu Boards

Dunkin’ Donuts adopts NCR Vitalcast* digital signage solutions based on Intel® technologies to enhance the customer experience and improve operational efficiency.

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Smart. Digital. Highly Visual.

As a highly effective and customizable communication tool, it’s no surprise that digital signage is finding its way across all industries to inform, educate, and create interactivity.

Interactive White Boards with Intel® vPro™ Technology Are Transforming Education

Step inside Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School, an interactive white board-integrated school that has redesigned education around the technology of today to enable students to explore subjects alongside their teachers.

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Intel Visual Data Device Specification

AOPEN and Intel are collaborating to consolidate workloads, from high-performance digital signage and video to analytics and virtualization.

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Boost in-store Interactivity and Intelligence

Intelligent shelving systems are a high-impact way to stop shoppers in their tracks while providing real-time, in-store insights that increase sales and chain-wide efficiencies.

Real-Time Retail Innovation

AVA Retail’s SmartShelf* system, built on powerful end-to-end Intel® architecture, gives retailers the ability to track and respond to customer shopping behavior in ways never before possible.

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Transforming In-Store Shopping, Inventory Tracking, and Visual Displays

Adroit Worldwide Media and Intel have created an intelligent shelving system that helps retailers increase operational efficiencies, customer engagement, and overall profits.

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Intel® Technology Makes It Happen

Intel helps drive innovation with digital signage solutions featuring optimized processing capabilities and end-to-end compatibility.

Captivate with Powerful Integrated Displays

The new Intel® Smart Display Module (Intel® SDM) specification supports the sleekest displays with maximum integration flexibility.

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Integrate Across a Unified Platform

Discover the key features of Intel® Reference Design for Digital Signage (EL-20), for quick delivery of cost-effective, feature-rich digital signage—all in a seamless, unified platform.

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Design Displays Cost-Effectively with OPS+

Intel’s new OPS+ for pluggable media players speeds deployment and supports multiple generations of designs and services.

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