Empower Customers with Interactive Kiosks

High-Performing, Rich-Media Interactions

To engage customers in today’s ever-changing, mobile, and connected world, you need to give them an exceptional experience and immediate value. New interactive kiosks in restaurants, public transit stations, airports, and hotels are built on high-performing Intel® processors that provide the personalized experience and convenience that customers can’t resist.

It’s a Dynamic Solution That Fits Your Needs

Interactive kiosks can help you display what you want, when you want, how you want—while providing you with the knowledge to make reactive and proactive changes in your strategy. Interactive kiosks with data gathering and analytics capabilities give businesses the power to improve services and engagement at the point of transaction. They can identify trends and efficiencies across the physical and digital retail supply chain as well as know customers better and continue to improve experiences.

Interactive kiosks not only display information to passersby, like schedules, maps, news, or weather, but can also be used to check in, check out, purchase, or print tickets and information. These self-service features save time and give end users what they want immediately—no queuing or waiting. And retailers can promote overstock or sale items, or target promotions based on anonymous shopper analytics.

Interactive Kiosks Improve the Customer Experience

Interactive Kiosks help make the buying experience better by giving customers the control and convenience they crave. Explore more about how automated digital displays can increase profits, build stronger brand loyalty, and create better customer experiences.

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ASICS Embraces Tech to Create a Personalized In-Store Experience

As personalization becomes the norm across a wide range of brand experiences, ASICS is harnessing technology to address customer pain points.

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Transforming Out-of-Home Mall Advertising with Esprit Digital and Intel

Esprit Digital and Intel discuss utilizing digital screens with rich 4K content to provide an immersive experience for customers, and how this technology leverages data collected to provide a great return on investment while offering live data and high levels of consumer engagement. See how Esprit Digital and Intel helped transform many customer experiences through indoor and outdoor digital signage, utilizing Intel® vPro™ technology. Join us for a brief webinar to see how you can apply the same capabilities.

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A New Way to Interact

Interactive kiosks and digital signage are the second fastest growing form of media consumption, after mobile.1 They help build brand loyalty with high-impact messaging coupled with self-service features that are convenient and fast for kiosk users. Businesses that use interactive kiosks are seeing impactful change as their marketing has become more targeted and efficient, increasing sales.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Empower customers to complete the transaction according to their preferences. If customers are in a hurry, they can quickly find the product they want on-screen or find their reservation and check in. Self-service features help shorten lines and free sales clerks and customer reps to work on more complex transactions. And because the transaction is self-directed, accuracy is much higher.

Upsell Advantages

With the frictionless transactions that interactive kiosks provide, customers are more likely to spend more and buy promotional products. A kiosk won’t forget to mention promotional items, and customers are 200 percent more likely to opt for dessert2 when purchasing from a kiosk.

Online and Physical Retail Become One

Paired with Intel® technology, Moki Total Control* software empowers retailers to turn stores into new digital channels using customer-facing devices (CFDs) and an incredible range of management, analytics, and security tools.

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Smart, Connected, and Remotely Managed Devices Through Intel® vPro™ Technology

It’s never been more important for retailers to deliver exceptional customer experiences, while also improving the cost-effectiveness of operations. See how Intel® vPro™ technology is simultaneously reducing the complexity of device management and helping to build customer loyalty across physical, digital, and mobile channels.

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Intel® Technology Makes It Happen

Intel helps drive innovation with digital signage solutions featuring optimized processing capabilities and end-to-end compatibility.

Captivate with Powerful Integrated Displays

The new Intel® Smart Display Module (Intel® SDM) specification supports the sleekest displays with maximum integration flexibility.

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Integrate Across a Unified Platform

Discover the key features of Intel® Reference Design for Digital Signage (EL-20), for quick delivery of cost-effective, feature-rich digital signage—all in a seamless, unified platform.

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Design Displays Cost-Effectively with OPS+

Intel’s new OPS+ for pluggable media players speeds deployment and supports multiple generations of designs and services.

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Produkt- und Leistungsinformationen

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