Hossein Alavi

Intel Labs / Principal Engineer

Research Areas:

  • Algorithms, Electromagnetic/RF Interference

  • Network & Communications Systems, RF Platform Technologies

  • Sensing Technology, Wireless Radio & Modem Technology

  • Wireless RF Front End & Convergence



Ph.D. in Wireless Cellular Mobile Radio Systems. Broad theoretical and hands-on wireless expertise from antennas and RF passives to baseband PHY + Radar analog & digital signal processing. Leading edge research and innovation leader in configurable broadband/multiband RF front-end filters, MEMS piezoelectric acoustic wave devices (e.g. SAW/ BAW/ FBAR/ CMR) design and fabrication, RF and baseband (WiFi and Cellular) adaptive signal processing, in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of spread-spectrum radar architecture, 30 year academic, start-up and corporate track record of carrying innovation to proof of concept. Over 40 publications, 15 patents issued, multiple pending.