Intel® Select Solutions for Network Transformation

Intel® Select Solutions for network transformation offer a faster and more efficient deployment path for verified, reliable infrastructure configurations that support virtual network enhancements, and help meet emerging customer workload demands in network communications.

Intel Select Solutions for NFVI Forwarding Platform

  • Purpose-built for high throughput workloads across the network infrastructure
  • Accelerates the introduction of next-generation virtualized solutions into the network

Intel Select Solutions for NFVI

  • Optimized virtual network configurations verified for complex communications workloads on agile and reliable infrastructure
  • Simplifies the orchestration, allocation, and management of resources to provide the most efficient data flow with consistent, deterministic performance

Intel Select Solutions for uCPE

  • Optimized virtual network configurations verified for uCPE use cases on agile and reliable infrastructure
  • Reduces the complexity of deploying a broad set of network services by utilizing a scalable, low cost, secure and manageable solution based on Intel® Xeon® D processors

Intel Select Solutions for Visual Cloud Delivery Network

  • Designed to meet the rapidly emerging needs of content delivery networks (CDNs) with a proven configuration
  • Delivering scale, flexibility, and high performance to help service providers accelerate deployment of visual services at the network edge

Intel Select Solutions for Media Analytics

  • Get optimized bundled hardware and software so you can securely and easily deploy your workloads

Intel Select Solutions for Virtual Radio Access Network (vRAN)

  • Provides tightly specified hardware and software components, built specifically for virtualized RAN, that can accelerate deployment and time to new services, while reducing implementation risks.
  • Optimized for faster network performance and maximum flexibility with the choice of three operating systems: Red Hat, Wind River, or VMware.

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