Intel® MAX® 10 FPGA

Intel® MAX® 10 FPGAs revolutionize non-volatile integration by delivering advanced processing capabilities in a low-cost, single chip small form factor programmable logic device. Building upon the single chip heritage of previous MAX device families, densities range from 2K – 50K LEs, using either single or dual-core voltage supplies. The MAX 10 FPGA family encompasses both advanced small wafer scale packaging (3 mm x 3 mm) and high I/O pin count packages offerings.

MAX 10 FPGAs are built on TSMC’s 55 nm embedded NOR flash technology, enabling instant-on functionality. Integrated features include analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and dual configuration flash allowing you to store and dynamically switch between two images on a single chip. Unlike CPLDs, MAX 10 FPGAs also include full-featured FPGA capabilities, such as Nios® II soft core embedded processor support, digital signal processing (DSP) blocks, and soft DDR3 memory controllers.

Family Variants

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MAX 10 FPGAs offer system-level cost savings through increased integration of system component functions:
  • Dual configuration flash—A single, on-die flash memory supports dual configuration, for true fail-safe upgrades with thousands of possible reprogram cycles.
  • Analog blocks—Integrated analog blocks with ADCs and temperature sensor provide lower latency and reduced board space with more flexible sample-sequencing.
  • Instant on—MAX 10 FPGAs can be the first usable device on a system board to control bring-up of other components such as high density FPGAs, ASICs, ASSPs, and processors.
  • Nios® II soft core embedded processor—MAX 10 FPGAs support the integration of the soft core Nios II embedded processors, providing embedded developers a single-chip, fully configurable, instant-on processor subsystem.
  • DSP blocks—As the first non-volatile FPGA with DSP, MAX 10 FPGAs are ideal for high-performance, high-precision applications using integrated 18x18 multipliers.
  • DDR3 external memory interfaces—MAX 10 FPGAs support DDR3 SDRAM and LPDDR2 interfaces through soft intellectual property (IP) memory controllers, optimal for video, datapath, and embedded applications.
  • Complex control management—Software-controlled system management through Nios II soft core embedded processors
  • Single-core voltage support—Single supply offering required for power-up sequence management
  • User flash—With up to 736 KB of on-die user flash code storage, MAX 10 FPGAs enable advanced single chip Nios II embedded applications. The amount of user flash available depends on configuration options.


Intel® MAX® 10 FPGAs include full-featured FPGA capabilities.

Intel® Enpirion® Power Solutions

Intel® Enpirion® Power Solutions are high-frequency DC-DC step-down power converters designed and validated for Intel® FPGA, CPLD, and SoCs. These robust, easy-to-use power modules integrate nearly all of the components needed to build a power supply – saving you board space and simplifying the design process.

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Design Tools

Everything you need to design with Intel® MAX® 10 FPGAs. Intel offers a range of hardware development tools that enable the highest levels of productivity and the fastest path to design completion for FPGA designs.

Intel® Quartus® Prime Software

The revolutionary Intel® Quartus® Prime design software includes everything you need to design for Intel FPGAs, SoCs, and CPLDs from design entry and synthesis to optimization, verification, and simulation. This also includes the Analog Toolkit.

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Nios® II Embedded Processor

When you design with the Nios® II embedded processor, you also have access to a portfolio of robust software development tools and software components available from Intel and our partner ecosystem. The Nios II Embedded Design Suite (EDS) is a comprehensive development package for Nios II software design.

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DSP Builder for Intel FPGAs

DSP Builder for Intel® FPGAs is a digital signal processing (DSP) design tool that allows push-button HDL generation of DSP algorithms directly from the MathWorks* Simulink* environment on Intel FPGAs. 

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PowerPlay Early Power Estimator (EPE)

Intel® power analysis features, including early power estimators and Quartus® Prime power analyzer, give you the ability to estimate power consumption from early design concept through design implementation.

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Reference Designs

Multiple design examples and reference designs are available for Intel® MAX® 10 FPGA kits.

Development Kits and Boards

MAX 10 FPGA development kits offer a comprehensive general-purpose development platform for many markets and applications, such as industrial and automotive. The MAX 10 FPGA evaluation and development kits feature Intel® Enpirion® power solutions.


Board Management

Instant on, analog inputs, and digital control

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Higher performance, greater flexibility, reduced cost of ownership

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I/O support flexibility, optimized Intel FPGA intellectual property (IP), diverse offering

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Documentation and Support

Find technical documentation, videos, and training courses for your Intel® MAX® 10 FPGA designs.

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