In the US, Intel offers its customers a free mail-back recycling program for Intel® NUC, Intel® Compute Stick, and Intel® Compute Card products, through Reverse Logistics Group Americas (RLGA). To participate, follow the instructions on the RLGA webpage, in the details for your state below.

Once you have sent it for recycling, a device is no longer secure. You should reset devices to their factory settings, and clear your data, before recycling. Instructions for most devices are available online. Your local recycling facility can give you more information.

Mail in Your Device to be Recycled

You can get a free shipping label, by clicking the link below and following instructions. When you receive the shipping label, pack the covered electronic device, affix the label, and send it to for responsible recycling.

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Additional Information for Illinois Residents

For information on recycling options for Illinois residents, please see the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency's electronic waste recycling webpage and this information provided by the Illinois EPA.

Additional Information for Maryland Residents

Before recycling your electronics, we recommend protecting your personal information by resetting your devices to their factory settings and clearing your data. You can find factory resent instructions below. For more information, please check with your local recycling facility.

Factory reset 

  1. Boot into Windows* 10 recovery menu (F8 or let it do it automatically)
  2. Enter the advanced settings 
  3. Perform a full factory reset
  4. When it is complete, re-boot and verify that it is at the appropriate setup screen & customer data that may have existed is gone

If verification fails (setup screen or customer data still present), next step is:

  1. Boot off of an external USB drive containing a Windows* 10 installation
  2. Using Windows disc manager, format the product on-board/included drive
  3. Open a disc imaging software like Macrium reflect, and restore a pre-made image (that includes all drivers). Assuming the correct version of Windows for the product is used, Windows will activate automatically 
  4. Once that is complete, re-boot and verify it is at the appropriate setup screen & customer data that may have existed is gone

If you require packaging, it will be supplied, upon request, free of charge to Maryland consumers.

Learn more about the RLGA Collective Electronic Waste Acceptance Program ›

Additional Information for Pennsylvania Residents

In Pennsylvania, Intel is a member of the RLGA Group Plan registered with the State Department of Environmental Protection and in compliance with the Pennsylvania Covered Device Recycling Act. This program provides convenient methods for consumers of Covered Devices to return their products at end of life for environmentally sound recycling.

Learn more about the RLGA Group Plan ›

Additional Recycling Information for Virginia Residents

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