Intel® Enpirion® Power Solutions

Digital multi-phase controller and power stage for high-performance systems.

Power Management Optimized for High-Performance FPGAs, SoCs, and ASICs

Intel® Enpirion® Power Solutions offer a multi-phase DC-DC step-down converter solution that addresses key power challenges when designing high-performance systems. This solution enables you to:

  • Meet rigorous power performance requirements (for example, high efficiency and accuracy, low ripple, fast transient response)
  • Stay within system power and thermal budgets
  • Deliver reliable systems on budget and on time

This solution is optimized to power core rails for high-performance FPGAs, ASICs, and SoCs with current ranges between 40 A to 200+ A.

What Is the Digital Multi-Phase Controller + Power Stage from Intel® Enpirion® Power Solutions?

The Intel® Enpirion® Power Solutions ED8401 is a digital multi-phase DC-DC step-down controller for high current applications. The Intel® Enpirion® Power Solutions ET6160 is a monolithic 70 A Power stage with integrated current and temperature monitors.

The ET6160 power stage is optimized to operate with the ED8401 multi-phase controller. The ED8401 offers a scalable solution by operating in 4, 3, or 2 phase modes. Combined with the ET6160 70 A power stage, the system is optimized for a load current range from 40 A to greater than 200 A while offering high efficiency across the load range.

This complete solution has been validated on Intel development kits to ensure robustness and scalability.

Validated, Scalable Multi-Phase DC-DC Converter Solution for High Performance Systems

High Quality

Solution offers excellent quality and reliability enabling low Failure in Time (FIT) rates.

Low Risk

Full suite of design tools available enabling fast time-to-market and validated on Intel development kits.


Pin-to-pin compatible controllers for operating in 4, 3, or 2 phase modes.

High Performance

Meets stringent FPGA performance specs (e.g. efficiency, accuracy, noise, and transient response).

Powering Your High-Performance Systems with Intel® Enpirion® Power Solutions

Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of powering your high-performance systems with the new multi-phase digital controller and power stage from Intel® Enpirion® Power Solutions. You can power your entire power tree with these new solutions coupled with the rest of the small, scalable, and low noise DC-DC step-down converters in the portfolio.

Product Key Features

Characteristic ED8401 Multi-Phase Controller + ET6160 Power Stage Features
Input voltage range 4.5 V to 16 V
Output voltage range 0.5 V to 1.3 V
Output voltage ripple  < 10 mVpp
Current range 40 A to 200+ A
Scalability 2, 3, or 4 phase configurations
Digital communication PMBus™ V 1.3.1 compliant for configuration, control, and telemetry
RoHS compliance Compliant - no exceptions

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