Intel’s Commitment to Building an Inclusive and Accessible World

Intel is committed to building an inclusive and accessible world for everyone.


  • May 16, 2024

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For over a decade, Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) has drawn attention to the need to create technology that is accessible to all. As a founding sponsor of the GAAD Foundation, Intel is committed to building this inclusive and accessible world. 

I often reflect at this time of year on the accomplishments we have made as a company, industry and community. 

At our offices around the world, the Intel Disability and Accessibility Network (IDAN) offers a platform for active employee participation and feedback on Intel product designs. Their guidance supports the Intel technologies that improve the lives of everyone around the globe. 

Three examples show how we do this:  

  • New AI PCs and the Intel® Core™ Ultra processors that power them are designed to run AI software with accessibility at the forefront. We’re working to include the deaf-to-hearing OmniBridge app to support conversation between American Sign Language and English, to increase personalization for accessible experiences, and to optimize for generative AI workloads to understand and adapt to user needs.
  • We also worked with GN ReSound, a leading manufacturer of hearing aid solutions, to improve people’s experiences when connecting hearing aids to Intel® Evo™ laptops. We conducted a trial in which Intel employees with a range of hearing disabilities worked with product development teams to test use cases and drive key user experience improvements. 
  • Intel continues to expand its inclusive technology as the Official Worldwide AI Platform Partner of the Olympics. Intel’s AI technology will be used to create 3D models of the Team USA High Performance Center in Paris and the International Paralympic Committee headquarters in Bonn, Germany, to allow for indoor and voice navigation via a smartphone app.


None of these examples would achieve broad success without the active participation of our employees. That goodness starts internally. In 2022, for example, our global accessibility innovation campaign advanced 30 accessibility projects submitted by employees.

Accessibility is Front and Center Inside Intel

IDAN also creates space for employees with disabilities to build community and to voice recommendations to enable a more accessible employee experience. We connect and activate champions to drive change within their teams and across Intel. Plus, our Accessibility Champions Network facilitates individual and career development in accessibility through a digital badging program, regular training sessions and monthly network forums. 

In 2023, we expanded the IDAN peer-based group offerings to include ADHD, auditory, cancer, caregivers, chronic migraine, dementia, diabetes, neurodiversity and vision. There are more peer groups and members than ever, and the impact has been significant. These groups advocate for and work to advance and retain our disability community while amplifying awareness. 

Members of these groups, especially employees with non-apparent disabilities, tell us they feel more validated and supported on the job and outside work. And the network is foundational in Intel’s efforts to progress toward our goal of achieving 10% representation of employees with a disability in our workforce globally by 2030. 

As we continue to see higher numbers of employees self-reporting, I am encouraged that we are creating an environment in which employees feel safe to disclose their disabilities. 

Looking Ahead

This year, we are continuing to foster and add peer groups to IDAN and expand our outreach efforts to get more employees involved. 

There is always more to do, and we are committed to further enabling accessibility and creating an environment in which people with disabilities feel welcomed and celebrated. I am energized by the passion of our Intel community to drive these initiatives forward to create a digital world that is truly accessible to all. 

Read more about Intel’s accessibility efforts in the Corporate Responsibility Report.  

Darryl Adams is the director of accessibility at Intel Corporation.

Photo Caption: Darryl Adams is the director of accessibility at Intel Corporation. (Credit: Intel Corporation)