CEO Letter: 2023-24 Intel CSR Report

Pat Gelsinger writes that Intel is making strides toward its RISE strategy to create a more responsible, inclusive and sustainable world.


  • May 7, 2024

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At Intel, our work has always been defined by optimism.   

Every single product we have ever launched began with a belief that it would move the world forward. And for more than half a century, our innovations have powered technology that has driven human progress and improved the lives of people everywhere.   

Today, as the world confronts enormous and complex challenges, from climate change to extreme inequality, we could all use a little more of that positive outlook.

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It’s all too easy to sit back and feel that these problems are simply too daunting to address. But one thing I’ve seen proven time and again over my decades at Intel is that human ingenuity has yet to meet its match. No matter what challenges we face, we can invent the future we want for the world. And all of us at Intel feel a deep responsibility to not only build a strong business, but also serve as a force for good — leading the way with the same hopeful, can-do spirit we always have.   

In this 2023-24 Intel Corporate Responsibility Report, you will see the tremendous strides we are making with our RISE strategy — our effort to create a more responsible, inclusive and sustainable world, all enabled by technology and the expertise and passion of our employees.

Some highlights include:  

Building the most sustainable foundry in history: Every aspect of our lives is becoming more digital — a trend that is only gaining momentum in the era of artificial intelligence. To meet this moment, we have launched Intel Foundry, the world’s first systems foundry designed for the AI era. And we are building this business with sustainability at its core. For example, in 2023, estimates showed that Intel used 99% renewable electricity across our operations worldwide — and we are working with suppliers, customers and industry peers to develop the next generation of sustainable processes and products.

Future-proofing supply chains: The events of recent years exposed the fragility of global supply chains, which led to a dire semiconductor shortage and extraordinary disruptions to the economy. And with 80% of semiconductor manufacturing still happening in Asia, supply chain flexibility and resilience remain elusive in most parts of the world. We’re investing to change that and have set a moonshot goal: By the end of the decade, 50% of global semiconductors will be produced in the U.S. and Europe.

Building open ecosystems: Innovation thrives most when people can come together and collaborate in a transparent environment. That kind of open ecosystem is the foundation of our approach at Intel — and why we launched the first global sustainability summit for the semiconductor industry. It’s how we continue to democratize computing, achieve new breakthroughs, and improve productivity for our partners, developers and customers. And it is leading to some historic progress, from responsible AI that advances and protects human rights, to decentralized cloud computing, which — thanks to Intel’s AI Everywhere initiative — is ushering in the era of the AI PC.

Maintaining high ethical standards with all our work: As one of the world’s largest semiconductor designers and manufacturers, Intel is uniquely positioned to make a positive impact up and down our value chain. And every day, we work tirelessly to live up to this obligation. This includes advocating for responsible minerals sourcing, championing human rights everywhere we do business, and extending our commitment to diversity and inclusion to our suppliers — all while investing in our workforce to flourish in the AI era.

In total, our progress is paving a path to a better tomorrow. Yes, we still have a lot of work ahead to achieve our goals — but that’s what’s most exciting of all, because we see a monumental opportunity to build a more responsible, sustainable and inclusive world. We believe much of the essential work ahead starts with Intel. And we’re determined to succeed, united by the same sense of limitless optimism that has long defined our company at its best.

Pat Gelsinger, chief executive officer, Intel Corporation