Intel Joins MITRE Engenuity’s Semiconductor Alliance

Intel, Micron, Analog Devices and MITRE Engenuity will define principles for joint research and collaboration in a U.S. semiconductor industry. 



​Intel has announced it will join Micron, Analog Devices and MITRE Engenuity to accelerate semiconductor research, development and prototyping. The collaboration establishes a semiconductor alliance to build a more robust U.S. semiconductor industry, to foster advanced manufacturing in the United States and to protect intellectual property amid increased global competition. The alliance will propose the foundation for a whole-of-nation approach for a more innovation-focused U.S. semiconductor industry and supply chain. 

The semiconductor alliance, led by MITRE Engenuity, was developed from working groups in 2021. Its principles were published in a white paper on American Innovation for American Growth summarizing the alliance’s call to action for a fair and objective National Semiconductor Technology Center.

The leading U.S. semiconductor manufacturers – Intel, Micron and Analog Devices – and  MITRE Engenuity seek engagement from the semiconductor alliance working group, industry and experts from all facets of the U.S. semiconductor ecosystem, including integrated device manufacturers; fabless chip companies; providers of infrastructure, design and manufacturing tools; and technology innovators from industry and academia.

“The semiconductor industry in the U.S. is at an inflection point. There has never been a more important time to come together as an industry to establish the path forward to advance the foundation of innovation that will help solve the nation’s biggest challenges,” said Ann Kelleher, executive vice president and general manager of Technology Development at Intel. “The Semiconductor Alliance is an open collaboration that will leverage current and future R&D investments by industry and government throughout the U.S. and will support the spirit of the CHIPS for America Act to re-establish American industry leadership.”

Read the full news release on the MITRE Engenuity website.