Executive Summary

In today’s fast-paced business world, making rapid, data-driven decisions is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge. These decisions are especially important for Intel’s supply chain, which spans order taking, resource procurement, manufacturing, testing, and final delivery of products. Intel IT is transforming our legacy supply chain into a modern “glass pipeline” that improves our decision making capabilities and business agility. This glass pipeline is now possible with our new integrated data platform (IDP). Our IDP integrates the SAP HANA* in-memory database with Cloudera Distribution of Hadoop*, running on multiprocessor (four-socket) servers, which are currently based on the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 family.

Reports that used to take hours to generate can now be created in real time as a result of faster access to data. Supply chain planners and experts are more efficient and effective at optimizing business processes, driving operational excellence, and providing higher levels of customer satisfaction. The transformation of Intel’s supply chain data is not yet complete. Our estimated five-year return on investment for our new supply chain platform is USD 208 million. The platform will deliver the following capabilities:

• Simplified supply chain and data pipelines

• Self-service analysis, which enables planners to make faster and better decisions

• Improved data quality by eliminating the reconciliation of data across systems

• Real-time analytics that identify, diagnose, and respond to issues

We plan to continue to add more advanced predictive analytics to enhance our “sense-and-respond” supply chain.