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Single-Chip Cloud-Enabled PLC for Industry 4.0 (2 mins)

Learn how you can realize a PLC, HMI, and Industrial Networking Gateway enabled with secure communications with Enterprise over OPC-UA, with OpenSSL* security accelerated up to 4x in hardware. Best of all, the heavy lifting is already done for you in the form of an integrated Micro System-on-Module less than half the size of your credit card.

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Multi-Axis Motion Control Acceleration (2 mins)

Watch single-chip acceleration of precision multi-axis motion-control, with integrated EtherCAT communication, enabled by a Cyclone® V SoC. Applications include Industrial Robotics Pick and Place, Inspection, Welding, and Servo Drives.

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Prototyping SoC-Based Motor Controllers with MATLAB and Simulink*

View this webinar from MathWorks and Intel to learn how to use MATLAB* and Simulink* to model, simulate, and prototype motor control systems on Cyclone® V SoCs.

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Delivering Reliable Smart Grid Communications with PRP/HSR FPGA Switch (13 mins)

Learn how use a PRP/HSR switch to deliver reliable smart grid communication. (Jason Chiang, Senior Strategic Marketing Manager, Industrial Business Unit)

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Simplify Industrial Ethernet Design (13 mins)

Learn how to implement industrial Ethernet designs and support multiple protocols. (Suhel Dhanani, Senior Technical Manager, Industrial Business Unit)

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Mitigating Soft Errors in DRAM Through Error Correction Code on SoC FPGAs (13 mins)

This webcast looks at how mitigating soft errors through error correction codes (ECCs) can improve your embedded designs. (Hans Spanjaart, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager)

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Introducing the User-Customizable ARM*-Based SoC FPGA (15 mins)

Learn more about Intel's ARM*-based SoC FPGAs. See how the Arria® V and Cyclone® V SoC FPGAs give you the performance benefits and power and cost savings of hard logic, with the flexibility and time-to-market benefits of programmable logic–all in a single device. (Bob Garrett, Sr. Marketing Manager, Embedded Products)

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Improving Cost and Efficiency for PV Inverter Power Electronics (17 mins)

Learn how FPGAs can improve your solar inverter designs. (Jason Chiang, Senior Strategic Marketing Manager, Industrial Business Unit)

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