Intel Annual Reports and Anniversary Publications

Relive the Intel journey that started in 1968

35 year anniversary report cover

35 Years

Intel: 35 Years of Innovation (1968–2003) › 

July 18, 2003 marked 35 years of Intel continuously advancing silicon technology and moving the industry forward. Intel celebrates past achievements and looks toward the future because at Intel, innovation has no endpoint

25 year anniversary report cover

25 Years

Defining Intel: 25 Years/25 Events (1968–1993) › 

This silver-anniversary publication outlines 25 defining events in Intel's history. View the company's first 25 years with a year-by-year timeline and collection of employee quotes and photographs.

20 year anniversary report cover

20 Years

Intel: Architect of the Microcomputer Revolution (1968–1988) › 

This company history tells the story of Intel's start-up days amid the tumult of the late 1960s, and the two decades of micro-computing innovations and global expansion that followed. Take an inside look at Intel's groundbreaking products and the extraordinary employees who helped shape the technology we know today.

15 year anniversary report cover

15 Years

A Revolution in Progress (1968-1983) › 

Many significant events happened at Intel in its early years. Explore the early successes, groundbreaking innovations, and rapid growth that transformed Intel from a modest technology startup to a billion-dollar multinational technology leader in its first 15 years.

Intel Annual Reports

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