1977 Intel Annual Report

Since Intel was founded nearly 10 years ago, the company has been at the focal point of advanced semiconductor technology and the expanding use of large scale integrated (LSI) circuits. Since Intel introduced its first LSI device in 1969, a semiconductor memory, the annual market for semiconductor memory LSI components has grown to nearly three-quarters billion dollars. Intel has grown with the market and remains the leading supplier of such components.

After pioneering semiconductor memory, Intel developed the concept of the microprocessor, or the “computer-on-achip” in the early 70s. Microprocessors, now available in several families, have caused a rapid expansion of the use of LSI components by extending electronic solutions to a vast range of new problems. Even for simple chores, such as appliance control, the cost of microprocessors has fallen to a level making them the preferred solution. As a result, applications are expanding rapidly. Intel has led in developing and serving the microprocessor market from the beginning.

Intel’s capability in LSI components has opened business opportunities in equipment with high LSI content. The first of these we pursued was complete memory systems for sale both to original equipment manufacturers and to end users. Here again, Intel has become the leading independent supplier of semiconductor of memory systems.

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