AI Helps Radiologists Rapidly Read Lung Scans

AI Helps Radiologists Rapidly Read Lung Scans

COVID-19, viral pneumonia, and other lung diseases have led to growth in AI-powered solutions that can rapidly evaluate large numbers of image results, supporting radiologists and helping medical teams prioritize care. Medical AI software company Accrad used Intel® technologies to develop an AI-powered diagnostic application, CheXRad, capable of labeling certain pathologies in chest radiographs up... to 160x faster than radiologists, at comparable levels of accuracy and specificity.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Life Sciences

Intel’s work in AI is helping health industry experts address some of the most pressing challenges today. We offer a range of flexible, scalable, open hardware to fit every compute need, from low-power VPUs to high-performance CPUs. And software tools like the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit remove the complexity of working with different hardware back ends, so you can write code once and deploy it everywhere.

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