Scholars Program

Diversity Powers Innovation

Intel's scholars benefit from ongoing development during their Intel internships that prepare them for careers post-graduation. Working on exciting ground-breaking projects, sessions with executives, workshops on resume writing, and interview coaching are all part of Intel's Scholars Program. It’s a great opportunity to set your career on a solid path while still in school.

At Fashion Week with Intel's New Wearable Technology

Melissa Ortiz, Intel intern, goes behind the scenes at Paris Fashion Week to showcase the New Devices Group's new cutting edge wearable technology. 

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Electrical Engineer Tests New Memory Designs

What do electrical engineers at Intel do? Follow Sodiq Baloqun as he shares a day in the life of a system-on-chip design engineer. 

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Featured Resources

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How to Ace the Job Interview

Becoming an engineer does require some work, but with the right tools and resources it can be done! Learn tips on how to land an internship, and make a great impression with recruiters and hiring managers.

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The Ultimate Job Search

Here are three key steps to put yourself on a path towards a truly satisfying job, and perhaps a career.

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