Become a Student Ambassador for IoT

Join the Intel® Student Ambassador Program

Benefits and Incentives1 100 Chips 500 Chips 1,000 Chips 5,000+ Chips
Intel Student Ambassador welcome letter
Intel Student Ambassador badge Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 3
Dedicated advisory and planning support for ambassador-driven initiatives
Access to Intel® DevCloud
Early access to monthly non-disclosure agreement (NDA) calls with Intel product experts and application engineers
Amplification of work through newsletters and social media  
Invitation to attend in-person events, labs, and workshops hosted by Intel2    
Early access to audit IoT-focused courses and certifications from Intel3    
Invitation to speak at online and offline sessions, and labs2 hosted by Intel      
Sponsorship support to conduct sessions, labs, and workshops4      
Invitation to attend select global events  (virtual and face-to-face)2      
Activity Description Chips Earned Qualification Criteria
Qualify for the Intel Student Ambassador program. 25 Chips Intel must accept the application.
Attend an edge AI-focused online training from Intel. 25 Chips
Attend an Intel or partner-led training and complete the course assessment.
Sign up for Intel DevCloud. 25 Chips
Intel verifies and confirms the registration.
Download the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit. 25 Chips Intel verifies and confirms the download.
Conduct an IoT or AI training focused on Intel technologies (online or offline). 1 chip per attendee Attendees must complete the post-training assessment.
Post blogs or articles related to Intel® IoT Technology. 25 chips per post Share the URL to the blog or article with Intel.
Conduct hackathons and guide the attendees to submit projects on GitHub*. 10 chips per project submitted by attendees Attendees must post the projects on GitHub and the student ambassador must share the project URLs with Intel.
Build and submit edge AI-focused projects on GitHub. 100 chips per project Post projects on GitHub and share the project URLs with Intel.