Intel® Data Center Block with Firmware Resilience Solution Brief

As the intensity, sophistication, and disruptive impact of security attacks continue to escalate, security IT officers are driving for a holistic approach to protect their critical infrastructure. This includes protecting the server all the way down to the firmware at the lowest layers of the platform, where threats are most difficult to detect. While technologies exist to protect the higher layers of the infrastructure stack, system IT users increasingly need assurance that the underlying platform launching these security technologies can be trusted.

To address this, Intel has developed the Intel® Data Center Block with Firmware Resilience (Intel® DCB with Firmware Resilience). Featuring Intel® Platform Firmware Resilience (Intel® PFR) technology, these systems enable platform security starting at the factory floor. With this offering, customers can protect firmware from being intercepted, detect firmware corruption, and automatically restore a system to a known good state if malware is detected. This capability to mitigate firmware corruption is an important industry innovation, and provides an optimal solution for security-sensitive organizations including government, financial institutions, and those responsible for critical infrastructures.

Intel is simplifying adoption of this technology through fully-validated, configure-to-order systems featuring Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v4 , Intel® Server Boards, Intel® Server Chassis, third-party memory, and multiple upgrade options to provide a solution that customers can deploy quickly and with confidence.