Santa Clara is home to Intel’s corporate headquarters

Investment and Innovation

Intel has approximately 13,000 employees in California at two major sites in Santa Clara and Folsom. Additional research and development sites are located in Irvine and San Diego, with a specific focus on innovative areas such as mobile computing, security, graphics, and cloud computing.

Santa Clara is home to Intel’s corporate headquarters and the flagship Intel Museum, which showcases more than 40 years of Intel innovations. The Santa Clara site is involved in engineering, design, research and development, and software engineering, and houses several corporate organizations, including sales and marketing, legal, supply network, and human resources. With more than 7,000 employees, Intel is one of the largest employers in Santa Clara.

The Folsom site is a center of excellence for graphics, chipsets, research and development, and solid state drives, delivering innovative technology and support for phones, tablets, and client platforms. Intel is Folsom’s largest private-sector employer with about 6,000 employees, and is one of the Sacramento region's top 5 private employers.

Intel in the Community

During the last five years, Intel has contributed more than $80 million to educational institutions and non-profit organizations in the state of California. Intel focuses much of its corporate philanthropy on areas like sustainability and STEM education in its local site communities.

Intel’s California employees volunteered more than 305,000 hours in 2016, generating more than $2 million in matching grants from the Intel foundation for schools and nonprofit organizations across the state.

California Quick Facts

Employment: 13,000

Locations: Santa Clara, Folsom, Irvine, San Diego

2016 Philanthropic Donations: $24.6 million

2016 Volunteer Hours: 305,000

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