Cable Networks Reimagined with Intel® Puma™ 6 and 7 SoCs

High-performance connectivity starts with Intel.

Reimagine cable networks with Intel® Puma™ 6 and 7 SoCs, offering high-performance connectivity, and flexibility for today’s infrastructure and tomorrow’s bandwidth demands.

Cable providers require scalable bandwidth to prepare for tomorrow’s challenges and they also need the ability to deploy new capabilities on today’s infrastructure. To help providers transform their networks from client to cloud, Intel offers a breadth of solutions across the connected home, access network, service provider edge, and data center. For the connected home, Intel delivers a portfolio of Intel® Puma™ 6 and 7 SoCs for cable gateways to help accelerate deployment of high performance connectivity to the home.

Intel® Puma™ 6 SoC and 7 SoC Portfolio
Enabling high-performance connectivity, the Intel® Puma™ 6 SoC and 7 SoC offer computing and networking performance advantages, RF noise rejection, and packet processing flexibility to provide optimal performance and improved quality of service in a variety of use cases including delivery of 1 Gbps service to customers’ homes on existing infrastructure and other WAN and LAN use cases. The Intel® Puma™ 6 SoC is a leading DOCSIS* 3.0 solution while the Intel® Puma™ 7 SoC was one of the first platforms designed for the newer DOCSIS* 3.1 solution and offers increased bandwidth.

Design Flexibility
Intel® Puma™ 6 SoCs and 7 SoCs are designed to work with existing infrastructure as well as future equipment upgrades and also use a Linux*-based software platform capable of running the RDK-B software stack. This offers a flexible development environment for OEMs and cable providers alike to customize their hardware configurations and accelerate new types of traffic. Reference platforms for both SoCs are optimized at the system level for easier, faster, and more cost-effective development and offer flexibility for OEMs to customize the solution for their unique requirements. Intel also supports a breadth of 3rd party solutions that provide access to a wide ecosystem for developing new solutions.

Aligned with Industry Standards
Standards play an important role in cable broadband to accelerate innovation, lower costs, and enhance interoperability of new solutions. Intel has played an active role in the development of the DOCSIS standards and introduced leading solutions aligned to DOCSIS specifications, including the Intel® Puma™ 7 SoC for DOCSIS* 3.1. Intel also collaborated with CableLabs, Cisco, and others in the industry to shape how DOCSIS standards can backhaul 5G cells to delivery low latency and high clock accuracy over HFC infrastructure. Intel supports standards like MoCA* and the open-source ecosystem while actively participating in industry bodies, such as CableLabs, SCTE*, Broadband Forum*, and the Wi-Fi Alliance*.

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