Free Playback of Recorded System Modelling Simulations

Intel® CoFluent™ Reader provides the same tools and environment as Intel® CoFluent™ Studio, but in read-only mode. In its free version, it allows play back of recorded simulations.

Running simulations and explorations with varying parameters is possible with a dedicated license.

  • Intel CoFluent reader can be freely downloaded and installed
  • Intel CoFluent reader is easy, as model information and results are exchanged in one single COF file that can be easily attached to emails, put on a FTP or HTTP server
  • Intel CoFluent reader is safe. Models are viewed in read-only mode and model creators select what they want to share with others

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Increased Productivity

  • Facilitating and accelerating communications and exchanges between project members
  • Accelerating discussion cycles, avoiding tedious expert and white board sketch discussions
  • Spreading the use of the Intel® CoFluent™ Studio technology and associated methodology and thinking process to other individuals/teams

Mitigated Risks

Establishing an unambiguous and common reference view and an understanding of the problem and its solution between all project members.