High-Performance Data Analytics

Splunk Data-to-Everything Platform built in an optimized environment delivers scalable, high-performance data analytics, empowering enterprises and service providers to turn data into insights and bring the power of data analytics to users across the enterprise. Combining the industry-leading Splunk product set with a reference configuration of Intel® technologies helps organizations accelerate and scale their Splunk on-premises or private cloud deployments, converting raw data into operational, business, and security intelligence. The power of Splunk lies in its ability to handle any structure, any source, or any time scale of data. Organizations can bring the data together to investigate, monitor, analyze, and act on it across a myriad of use cases. The resulting insights can help them identify security threats, optimize application performance, understand customer behavior, and more. To get the most out of a Splunk deployment, no matter the use case, IT organizations need to understand their Splunk workloads and optimize their infrastructure so that Splunk runs as efficiently as possible—low search runtimes, high data ingestion rates, and high numbers of concurrent searches. Splunk and Intel worked together to develop and benchmark various Splunk workloads using the latest Intel® compute and storage hardware. This document provides a business-level overview of how to build an optimized environment for the Splunk Data-to-Everything Platform. It describes a reference configuration for Splunk on-premises or private cloud deployments of different business sizes and types, and documents the resulting environment’s performance and scalability.