Applying Factory Principles to Accelerate Enterprise Virtualization

Factory Principles to Accelerate Enterprise Virtualization

Executive Overview
To create the infrastructure for our private enterprise cloud, Intel IT has set a goal of virtualizing up to 75 percent of our Office and Enterprise computing environment. This presents the challenge of how to rapidly virtualize thousands of servers located across Intel and owned by a variety of Intel busin...ess groups.
To address this, we created a standardized, repeatable, high-volume virtualization process analogous to a factory production line, managed by a dedicated operations group within Intel IT. We call this the Virtualization Factory. It consists of seven clearly defined steps that encompass the entire virtualization process, from identifying physical servers that are virtualization candidates to removing these servers from the environment after migration. Key learnings include:
• To accelerate virtualization, it was not enough simply to provide technical capabilities: we also needed to create demand among business groups and convince them that we could virtualize applications without impact to the production environment.
• To achieve our goal of virtualizing 75 percent of applications, we needed to remove technical limitations so that we could virtualize mission-critical and externally facing applications in a secure manner.
• Post-conversion technical assistance and tuning were important to help ensure a good customer experience and an efficient production environment.
• Final steps, such as standardizing systems management of the virtualized server and removing the physical servers from the environment, required significantly more work than originally anticipated.
The Intel IT Virtualization Factory has played a key role in successfully accelerating virtualization within Intel’s Office and Enterprise IT environment. We began 2010 with about 12 percent of the environment virtualized; by year’s end this rate had more than tripled to 42 percent, and we remain on track to virtualize 75 percent of our environment over the next few years. We plan to further drive adoption of virtualization during 2011, while continuing to improve and automate our processes.

Read the full Factory Principles to Accelerate Enterprise Virtualization White Paper.

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