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High performance database developer in Germany completes tests around 80 per cent faster with standardized IT.

Business need
Versant wanted to move to an infrastructure based on open standards. The firm looked for reliable, flexible technology to help it develop high performance database software.

It began partnering with Dell and deployed a number of solutions, including virtualized Dell™ PowerEdge™ blade servers and Dell EqualLogic* storage area network.

• Company drives development, completing tests around 80 percent faster
• Versant supports expansion with blade server technology
• IT team improves services, installing servers around 96 percent quicker
• Versant ensures fast data transfer with 10-gigabit I/O ports
• Customer gains high-speed storage with 10-gigabit link

Versant is an industry leader in specialized data management software. The Versant Database Engine* helps customers cut hardware costs, increase speed and simplify development. It also enables companies to reduce administration costs significantly, and deliver products with a strong competitive edge.

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