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Evolving Workforce Trends and Technology

Dell and Intel have commissioned a study comprising three reports with TNS Global to unveil future workforce trends and understand the impact that technology bears on the evolution of those trends. In the first report of the ‘Evolving Workforce’ study entitled ‘Expert Insights,’ seven possible future trends or hypotheses were introduced alongside commentary from a pool of 21 global experts on the potential for these trends to become reality in the coming decade. This second report further validates these hypotheses following a global survey of approximately 8,360 workers across 11 countries spanning multiple verticals in both the public and private sectors as well as across varying organization sizes (see appendix for a full breakdown and description of respondents). Findings are presented at a global and country level and compared to each proposed hypothesis. In the third and final report from the Evolving Workforce Research series, experts will revisit and provide commentary on the survey results.

Executive Summary The consumerization of IT – defined as the migration of consumer technology and experiences into enterprise computing environments – is a well recognized phenomenon around the world. Across the globe, people are seeing the benefits of technology in enabling more flexible working, discovering new ways of accomplishing tasks and enhancing productivity. It is in the fast-growth developing economies where optimism is greatest. The aspirational value of consumer technology, well established in countries like China, India, Brazil and Mexico, has clearly migrated to the corporate environment. Workers in the developing world are particularly likely to see corporate provision of technology and devices as a perk, and have greater say in their own choice of devices; they welcome the transformational nature of technology and are much more likely to see the benefits than perceive concerns.

Read the full Evolving Workforce Trends and Technology case study.

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