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BlueWater Technologies Engages Bank Customers with Digital Signage

BlueWater Technologies improves digital signage to improve customer relationships

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BlueWater Technologies Engages Bank Customers with Digital Signage

Engaging Bank Customers with Interactive Digital Signage
Deepen customer relationships with interactive displays and measureable performance.

Today consumers are inundated with what is estimated to be thousands of marketing messages daily appearing in everything from traditional media to mobile ads on smart phones. All this competition for attention challenges banks to create and deliver messages in intriguing ways that engage their clients.

One powerful way banks can deliver dynamic content that will attract customers’ attention is with the use of in-branch digital displays, or signage. A three-month study by Intel on digital signage technology revealed that a digital sign captured an average of over 400 percent more views than a static sign.

Admittedly, digital signage systems are a substantial investment. So it pays to install systems designed for the best results. Digital signage that can deliver relevant, compelling information specifically for the current viewer performs at a higher level than signage that displays static, generalized messages.

Added touch screen or smart phone interactivity can then engage customers to dig deeper into the content, giving banks more opportunities to drive business and measure their results.

System integration firms such as BlueWater Technologies have extensive expertise deploying technologies to help financial institutions achieve higher return on investment on their digital signage systems. They use interactive, results-oriented solutions based on Haivision digital signage products and Intel® technology to:
• Display content relevant to the viewer
• Enable interaction with the content
• Measure results
• Improve advertising effectiveness

This kind of smart, interactive digital signage helps to give banks the best results in meeting marketing objectives, including brand reinforcement, building customer relationships, and cross-selling products and services.

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