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Brief: Intel® Retail Interactive Fashion Experience

Intel® Retail Interactive Fashion Experience

The Intel® Retail Interactive Fashion Experience solution is an innovative in-store shopping experience that enables shoppers to visually access thousands of fashion items, combine them into outfits, share them with friends virtually, or even purchase them. This solution allows visitors to do this in real time on an intuitive interface that supp...orts multitouch interactions.

The user browses and filters through the inventory of apparel items, such as blouses, pants, dresses, and accessories. The user interacts with on-screen controls to filter the cloud’s contents in myriad ways: color, price, style, material, type, size, etc. When users find an item of apparel interesting, they may choose to hold that item in their “favorites” area. Favorite items can be selected and combined into outfits shown on a digital mannequin. The completed outfits can be forwarded by email to friends and family.

Read more about the Intel® Retail Interactive Fashion Experience: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/retail/digital-signage-retail-interactive-fashion-experience-brief.html

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