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ScienceSim and Collaborative Visualization

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If you want to explain the solar system to a child, a book or video is a good start. But it would be more fun, and more instructive, simply to take a trip around the planets.

Imagine lifting off from your rooftop and soaring into space, beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. As you fly through the solar system, you zoom in and out between planets, viewing them from different angles, observing their size, orbits, and relative distance from one another, and watching as the Earth makes it annual rotation around the sun, compressed in time to a matter of minutes.

The scenario above illustrates the potential of ScienceSim, a virtual environment that can be used as a tool for visualization, education, training and scientific discovery. ScienceSim was launched in January 2009 by the ACM and the IEEE Computer Society community for the Supercomputing 2009 conference (SC09) . Intel is collaborating with the conference organizers to develop the hardware and simulation infrastructure behind this world. One goal of this technology industry initiative, which Intel is sponsoring, is to provide a turnkey kit that researchers and others can download for free and use to develop innovative applications involving collaborative visualization.

Read the full ScienceSim and Collaborative Visualization White Paper.