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Intel® vPro™ Technology Solution Reference Designs

Solving real IT problems, delivering real IT savings with Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors

Intel® vProTM technology solution reference designs provide IT professionals detailed step-by-step instructions for solving real problems in their environments by leveraging Intel vPro technology.  These SRDs have been tested, documented, and packaged for distribution to help IT shops utilize Intel vPro technology to save time, save money, and reduce power consumption. Learn how you can use Intel vPro technology-based clients to solve your everyday IT problems.

Intel® vProTM Platform Solution Manager

The Intel® vProTM Platform Solution Manager is a framework application that allows you to launch plugin applications to remotely manage your Intel vPro platform. Intel vPro Platform Solution Manager comes with several preconfigured plugins that perform tasks such as power management, KVM Remote Control, and asset management, among others.

Intel Event Response Tool Solution (Intel ERT)

The Intel® Event Response Tool allows users to visually create and execute workflows that utilize Intel® vProTM Technology capabilities to manage client systems. Intel ERT comes pre-loaded with a number of plug-ins that utilize Intel vPro technology to perform management tasks remotely on managed clients. Using the drag-and-drop workflow creation interface, you can easily link these tasks together to create a workflow.

Intel vPro Technology Green Power Management Solution

Intel vPro technology has always provided a way to power remote-client computers on or off as easily as if their power buttons were accessible to the service technician. The Green Power Management Solution extends that capability to include graceful shutdowns to power states other than off and the option to create alarm clock events that run on Intel® Active Management Technology, which you can use to ensure machines are powered on in preparation for scheduled maintenance events. This helps ensure that idle machines can spend more of their time in an off, hibernated, or sleeping power state without affecting IT’s ability to effectively manage and administer the entire fleet of machines.


Intel vPro Technology Instant Back to Work Solution

The Instant Back to Work Solution provides you a way to boot to an affected system to a lightweight, temporary operating system provided by a network-attached image. This lightweight operating system runs from main memory without requiring access to the crippled mass storage devices. While it provides a way for the repair technician to access the offline mass storage devices to make repairs, it simultaneously offers the user a conventional user interface with a Web browser to restore a degree of productivity even while the machine is being repaired.






Fast Call For Help

Enable a secure connection from a PC outside of the corporate LAN in the event of an OS or HDD failure, to a service desk or service desk portal.





Remote Password Automation

Automates the process for recovering a lost or forgotten password for a fully encrypted drive (remotely unlocking Windows BitLocker* Drive Encryption remote drives).


Intel vPro Technology Easy Reimage Solution

The Easy Reimage Solution describes how to restore a remote client to service with a full reimage of the operating system with user personalization—no matter what the initial state of the client.