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Intel® vPro™Activation

What is Intel® vPro™ Technology

Intel® vPro™Activation

Business PCs powered by the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor family take intelligent client computing to the next level—maximizing hardware-assisted security, simplifying PC management, and providing more responsive, adaptive performance.1 With Intel vPro technology, you can power on an entire PC fleet to update a virus patch or remotely diagnose and repair PCs out-of-band (OOB), even if the OS is inoperable. You can also disable lost PCs with Intel® Anti-Theft Technology (Intel® AT), provide a computing foundation for desktop virtualization, or accelerate data encryption with Intel® AES New Instructions. These are just a few of the reasons for activating your PCs with an Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor.

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Activating PCs with Intel® vPro™ Technology 1: A step-by-step process

Follow the six steps below to activate your PCs and start taking full advantage of Intel® vPro™ technology.

Step 1: identify PCs with Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors >

Not sure which of your PCs have Intel® vPro™ technology? Use these tools to pinpoint PCs in your IT environment with Intel Core vPro processors.

Step 4: create a customized activation recommendation >

The interactive Activation Tool lets you create your own customized activation recommendation so you can easily put a plan in place for activating PCs with Intel vPro technology.

Step 2: decide which features you want to use >

You can choose to use all or some Intel vPro technology capabilities. Watch the usage model demos to learn more so you can choose the right ones to implement.

Step 5: purchase PCs with Intel Core vPro processors >

For adding PCs to your fleet, you’ll find a list of manufacturers and the exact models of PCs with Intel Core vPro processors.

Step 3: find the right software >

The interactive Intel® vPro™ Software Catalog helps identify the right usage model and find supported software. You’ll also find vendor information to help you locate and buy what you need.

Step 6: connect with the experts >

The Intel® vPro™ Expert Center is where you can find more information, ask questions, and get assistance from the pros for your activation needs.

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1. Intel® vPro™ ist eine hochentwickelte Technik und erfordert entsprechende Einstellungen und eine Aktivierung. Die Verfügbarkeit einzelner Funktionen und die Ergebnisse hängen von den Einstellungen und der Konfiguration der Hardware, der Software und der IT-Umgebung ab. Weitere Informationen siehe: www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/architecture-and-technology/vpro/vpro-technology-general.html.