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Intel® Core™ i7-900 Mobile Processor Extreme Edition Series, Intel Core i7-800 and i7-700 Mobile Processor Series Datasheet, Volume 2

Intel® Core™ i7-900/i7-800/i7-700 Mobile Processor: Datasheet, V.2

This is Volume 2 of the datasheet which provides register information for the Intel® Core™ i7-900 processor Extreme Edition, Intel® Core™ i7-800, and Intel® Core™ i7-700 mobile processor series. This document is intended to be distributed as a part of the complete datasheet. Throughout this document, the Intel Core i7-900 processor Extreme Edition, Intel Core i7-800, and i7-700 mobile processor series may be referred to as simply the processor.

The processor contains one or more PCI devices within a single, physical component. The configuration registers for these devices are mapped as devices residing on the PCI bus assigned for the processor socket.

Read the full Intel® Core™ i7-900/i7-800/i7-700 Mobile Processor Datasheet, V.2.

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