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Intel Business Continuity Practices

Intel Business Continuity Practices

As a global corporation with locations and suppliers all over the world, Intel requires every Intel organization to embed business continuity as a core business practice. By integrating business continuity as a core business practice in all decisions and programs, Intel is able to maintain and regularly test business continuity plans for all its sites, facilities and operations. In the event of a business disruption, our business continuity plans are designed to enable us to continue critical business functions (such as handling customer orders, overseeing production and deliveries, and managing the supply chain). Our business continuity plans include (but are not limited to):

• Relocating impacted businesses to designated recovery locations. Intel business continuity at a glance
• Business continuity is embedded and sustained as a core business practice.
• Crisis management and recovery plans are integral to doing business at Intel.
• Every Intel business group is required to have an active business continuity plan for their core business functions and processes.
• Business continuity plans are tested regularly as a continuous improvement process.
• Employees are trained on plan response.
• Regular assessments are required for response and recovery plans.
• New and emerging risks are integrated as part of sustaining program.
• Deploying redundant processing capacity at other locations.
• Developing procedures and systems designed to support recovery processes for critical business functions.
• Activating business continuity and technology teams tasked with managing the recovery process.
• Maintaining communications to ensure that Intel employees receive emergency notifications and instructions via a variety of sources, including in-building announcements, internal and external websites, and toll-free telephone numbers around the world.
• Testing our emergency and recovery procedures on a regular basis.
• Conducting annual assessments of each Intel organization’s business continuity program.

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