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Integrated Solution for Mobile Device Security Management,Integrated Solution for Mobile Device Security Management to be settled at one go

Integrated Solution for Mobile Device Security Management

Company Profile
Goodwill Information Technology Co., LTD: One of the most competitive medical software R&D companies. Under the development trend of digital hospitals, Goodwill developed the Goodwill Yirui Doctor System, a digital medical solution that is based on wireless network technology and mobile devices.

Beijing VRV Software Corporation Limited: Listed among China's first batch of providers of information security products under its own brand and integrated solutions, VRV has always been the market leader in China's terminal security management field. The mobile terminal security management solution launched by VRV provides solid security support for digital medical solutions.

In the mobile Internet era, it has become a general trend for medical staff to perform their daily work by means of mobile terminals; meanwhile, because of the particularity of the medical industry, the privacy and security of patients' data in mobile devices need to be effectively guaranteed.

Based on the characteristics of mobile terminals and the special requirements of the medical industry, Goodwill and VRV worked together with Intel to successfully deploy efficient and secure mobile medical solutions on tablets that are equipped with Intel® Atom™ processor and fully compatible with Microsoft's new generation Windows* 8 operating system.

Tablets deployed with the aforementioned solutions do not only maintain the excellent performance of Intel® architecture, but also perfectly support Windows 8 system and offer smooth touch experience, thereby helping health workers greatly enhance the service quality and efficiency. In particular, featured with unparalleled advantages over other platforms, the Intel® architecture platform provides security engine and firmware features to ensure the successful implementation of the integrated mobile medical solution for security management, and help the medical institutions quickly realize the great-leap-forward development towards mobile healthcare.

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