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Engaging Students with Anytime, Anywhere Learning

To enhance the teaching and learning experience, Northern Michigan University (NMU) operates an innovative campus-wide technology program where all students and teaching staff are issued notebook computers for use while attending the university. After evaluating several technology options to shift from just another refresh to a more transformative opportunity, the university selected Ultrabook™ 2 in 1 devices equipped with Intel® Core™ processors running Windows* 8. With a flexible design, hardware-enhanced security, strong performance, and long battery life, the new systems are empowering students and faculty to work in new ways.

Technology Results
• Robust performance. Intel Core processors deliver the high performance needed to run the most demanding educational software, with exceptional system responsiveness, contributing to improved student engagement and more in-depth learning.
• Extended battery life. Intel processors help extend battery life, providing students and teachers with uninterrupted operation throughout the school day.

Business Value
• Improved learning outcomes. Flexible Ultrabook 2 in 1 devices enhance student and teacher mobility and ease of use, helping to promote independent learning and student-teacher collaboration.
• Reduced support costs. Standardization of computers and hardware-enhanced security and manageability capabilities help ensure greater availability of devices and reduce support and repair costs.
• Enhanced student-teacher engagement. Students and teachers can easily shift between a tablet for consuming content to a keyboard for creating, helping to maximize productivity and improve student engagement.

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