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Serious About Mission Critical

Mission-Critical Solutions

Executive Summary

Enterprise IT departments around the world face growing challenges to deliver new levels of service, performance, security, and data reliability for their Mission-Critical transactional and analytics systems.

Data is growing exponentially, and user expectations of uptime and responsiveness are increasing. An online transaction processing (OLTP) system going down for an hour can translate to lost revenue and a direct hit to a company’s market image. Not delivering line-of-business managers analytics information quickly and effectively can lead to lost market opportunities. These Mission-Critical systems are indeed the lifeblood of an organization; they are required to be available and responsive 24/7. But all this needs to be accomplished with IT budgets that are stagnant or even shrinking.

In the past, the capabilities IT needed to deliver these services were usually associated with mainframe and RISC-based systems. Now, these same proprietary systems have become high-cost, aging monoliths. At the same time, Intel® processor-based systems have delivered on the capabilities Mission-Critical systems need – performance, RAS, and scalability – all with a breakthrough economic model.

The Mission-Critical eco-system has paid attention to this shift, and the focus of industry innovation has shifted to Intel processor-based systems. Software innovation from key Mission-Critical players, such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP, among others, is being delivered on Intel processor-based solutions at an accelerating rate.

These end-to-end solutions offer a way forward for Enterprise IT, meeting increasing requirements, yet staying within budget realities. Large Fortune 500 shops are reaping the benefits today. Welcome to the new era of Mission-Critical computing.

Read the Serious About Mission Critical Solution Brief.

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