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Healthcare Inspires a Better Future

Discover how individuals and companies using technology improve the quality of healthcare services, helping to build a better future.

Intel Health and Life Sciences

Explore healthcare and life sciences applications of Intel® technology for personalized medicine and mobility, devices, security, and cloud solutions.

Mobile Healthcare—Powering the Health Workforce

Intel powers the next generation of Ultrabooks™, tablets, devices, and smart phones in the hospital, clinic, and home.

Öffentliche Cloud, private Cloud oder Hybrid-Cloud

Öffentliche Cloud, private Cloud oder Hybrid-Cloud – Welche Unterschiede gibt es? Wo liegen die jeweiligen Vorteile?

Informationstechnik in Rechenzentren: Wettbewerbsvorteile dank Erneuerung

Präsentieren der mittelfristigen Vorteile einer Erneuerung der Informationstechnik im Rechenzentrum, einschließlich der Vorbereitung für eine SDI-basierte Zukunft.

A Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery Solution for Intel Factories

IT Perspective: lower factory downtime and loss of revenue by stretching mission-critical systems between two data centers within the same facility.

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University of Santiago Hospital: Meeting Demand with IT Efficiency

University of Santiago Hospital Complex provides physicians with anywhere, anytime access with Intel® Core™ i5 processors for greater IT efficiency.

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Intel and EMC ViPR* Cloud Storage Solutions

Intel’s Bev Crair and EMC’s Boaz Palgi discuss software-defined Intel and EMC ViPR* cloud storage solutions that help manage and extract data value.

IT Integration for Acquisitions - Intel IT Best Practices

Intel IT has found that extending corporate IT standards into acquired IT environments generally pays off in a faster IT integration and lower costs.

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Intel Intelligent Power Node Manager

Intel® Intelligent Power Node Manager is a smart way to optimize and manage power and cooling resources in the data center. Enjoy this infographic.