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Intel IT Executive Insights: Maximizing the Business Value of IT

Align IT investments with Intel corporate strategies and better manage IT budget to improve the business value of IT.

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Intel IT: Best Practices for PC Fleet Management

Executive Insights: Intel IT uses regular refresh, smart technology, consumerization and proactive support to maintain PC fleet and empower employees.

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Intel IT Executive Insights: Moving to Client-aware Cloud

August 2011 edition discusses a private cloud that determines device attributes and user preferences and delivers accordingly.

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Data Storage Solutions

Data Storage Solutions - This paper describes Intel IT’s approach to managing growing demand for storage capabilities without increasing costs.

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Building a Private Cloud: Best Practices from Intel IT

Узнайте о том, как ИТ-подразделение Intel создало собственную облачную среду организации и какие мы получили преимущества.

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Intel® IT Center: Webinars and Events for IT Managers

Welcome to the home of Intel® IT Center events. Register for upcoming events or check out the archive.

Intel® IT Center Delivers IT Resources: Watch the Video

Watch this video to discover the benefits of joining the Intel® IT Center, our new program delivering premium resources to IT professionals

Podcast: Inside IT 探討雲端運算與安全

Intel 資安架構與技術開發組長 Alan Ross 的 Podcast 談話,討論 Intel 的 IT 雲端安全策略。


瞭解 Intel IT 如何藉由安全地虛擬化基礎主機架構,有效解決網際網路應用程式的資安難題。

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資料儲存解決方案 - 本白皮書描述 Intel IT 採取的途徑,要管理對於儲存功能不斷成長的需求,而又不增加成本。

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