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Businesses are transforming workplaces and technologies to support mobile workers. Here are 5 pointers to help your workplace transformation strategy.


Securing Android BYOD mobiles is a priority for IT departments. Discover how to add security to the mobile estate in this article.

Enable Native Android* Apps, Enterprise Security

White Paper: Intel IT’s solution for enabling employee access to native Android* e-mail, calendar, and contacts while providing enterprise security.

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Ultrabooks™ for the Enterprise White Paper

Examines Ultrabooks™ for the enterprise as a workforce compute solution, including business and IT benefits, specifications, and usage models.

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BYOD in the Enterprise: Insights on the Current State of IT

Diese Studie zu BYOD in großen Unternehmen fasst die Haupterkenntnisse aus einer Umfrage unter 3000 IT-Managern und 1300 Endanwendern aus verschiedenen Ländern zusammen.

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BYOD Video: A Look at BYOD in the Enterprise

BYOD trends and the benefits and requirements for success. It also explored the barriers for allowing employee-owned devices for work use.

AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management* and Windows* 8.1

AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management* takes advantage of built-in Windows* 8.1 capabilities to simplify mobile device management.

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Intel® vPro™ Technology with Location Based Services Applications

Use Wi-Fi to create Location-Based Services with AeroScout’s MobileView* to find rooms, printers, or locate Intel® vPro™ technology-based devices.

Support Business with Enterprise Ultrabook™ Devices

Case Study: Enterprise Ultrabook™ devices with Windows* 8 meet business and IT requirements for performance, security, and manageability.

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2-1 Mobilgeräte bewirken CRM Transformation bei Bilim Pharmaceuticals

Wie Mobilgeräte im 2in1-Convertible-Format die CRM-Datenerfassung bei Bilim Pharmaceuticals transformiert haben.