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Methods to Handle Data Durability Challenges for Big Data

White Paper: Discusses why RAID doesn’t scale for big data, and compares various erasure code alternatives to compute data durability and loss risk.

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Hadoop* Architecture: Intel® Cloud Builders Guide

This reference architecture is for building cloud infrastructure, including both enterprise IT and cloud service providers or cloud hosting providers.

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HP Big Data: Vendor Spotlight

Irshad Raihan explains how HP* solutions deliver value quickly and cost-effectively to companies analyzing both structured and unstructured data.

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Oracle Big Data: Vendor Spotlight

Experts from Oracle explain how their big data solution delivers a uniquely integrated, end-to-end approach to big data acquisition and analysis.

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Big Data in Energy and Water: Pecan Street Empowers Consumers

Pecan Street utiliza análisis de datos intensivos para permitir a los usuarios gestionar la energía, recopilando datos

Big Data Genomics Driving Better Patient Care

La Universidad de Carolina del Norte en Chapel Hill analizó el Big Data de miles de genomas mejorando la atención al paciente y la investigación.

SAS Big Data Solution Spotlight

Paul Kent of SAS explains how SAS high-performance analytics solutions are helping business address big data challenges.

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Big Data 101: Unstructured Data Analytics

An overview on big data and unstructured data analytics including why it matters, the impact on IT, emerging technologies, and how Intel can help.

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Intel® Cloud Builders Guide: Building Private Clouds with StackIQ*

This paper will walk users through the end-to-end cloud building process using StackIQ Rocks+*, starting from bare metal physical machines, and ending with a complete cloud environment well purposed for enterprise IT environments and service providers. Using Rocks+ and the contents of this paper, which includes detailed commands and screen shots, should significantly reduce the learning curve for building and operating a cloud computing infrastructure.

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Fast Throughput for Big Data

Success Brief: Clemson refreshes servers with the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family for increased floating point performance and flexible bandwidth.

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